Below are the reports of Cornell hazing violations that occurred during the indicated academic year. To read the details, simply click on the name of the group, team, or organization below and open the corresponding report.

Fall 2017

No groups, teams, or organizations were found in violation during this semester. 

Spring 2018

Sigma Nu Interfraternity Council chapter


The Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life received multiple reports that hazing involving Sigma Nu fraternity occurred in January, 2018. An investigation found that brothers of Sigma Nu had engaged in hazing behaviors at the beginning of the new member period, including the following:

  • Told new members to prepare for an activity by bringing random items such as a banana, pickle, and/or a condom with them.
  • Picked up new members from their residences, blindfolded them, and drove them around to various locations. It was reported that at least some new members were screamed at while being driven around, and some new members reported being dropped off in a wooded area before being brought to the chapter house.
  • Collected new members’ cell phones after arriving at the chapter house.
  • Provided new members with alcohol, including hard alcohol, consumption of which was at times forced. 
  • Required some new members to consume mayonnaise “chasers” after drinking hard alcohol.
  • Sprayed new members with water from a hose while wearing only underwear. Some new member candidates reported feeling unable to decline participation in the activity or the option to stay clothed.
  • Gestured inappropriately with a beer bottle toward genital and buttock areas.
  • Used homophobic slurs.
  • Required new members to perform physical exercises including push-ups and wall-sits.

It was reported that the brothers informed the new members that the hazing would get worse.


The Sorority and Fraternity Chapter Review Board found the chapter responsible for multiple violations of the Fraternity and Sorority Recognition Policy (including hazing) and Event Management Guidelines, and one violation of the Expectations for Membership. The Review Board’s findings were upheld on appeal and Sigma Nu fraternity’s recognition was revoked for a period of no less than three years. If recognition is requested and approved pursuant to the applicable university procedure in place following the three-year period, upon return the Chapter will remain on probationary recognition status for a period of no less than two years.