2005-06 Academic Year

Below are the reports of Cornell hazing violations that occurred during the indicated academic year. To read the details, simply click on the name of the group, team, or organization below and open the corresponding report.

Fall 2005

Varsity Women’s Hockey Team

Description: First-year team members were required to steal large quantities of toilet paper for the personal use of upper class team members who reside off-campus. The first-year members stole 36 cases of toilet paper from residence halls.

Outcome: The team members were required by their coach and Campus Life staff to return the toilet paper, formally apologize to the residence hall custodial staff; develop a bulletin board on respect for others, and perform a community service project.

Spring 2006

Alpha Chi Omega, Panhellenic Association chapter

Description: During Alpha Chi Omega’s Big/Little Week, hard liquor was given to new members by their potential Big Sisters. The alcohol was delivered by fraternity members. After the alcohol was delivered, the new members were escorted to fraternities to socialize and drink the alcohol they had received. In addition to the alcohol, costumes were given as a part of the Big/Little gifts. The new members were required to wear them to the fraternities. At least one gift included a small thong which the new member was required to wear over her pants. In this outfit, the new member had to dance in front of the fraternity men. Additionally, during Big/Little week a stripper attended Alpha Chi Omega. On the same night, three new members arrived intoxicated and threw up at the Alpha Chi Omega chapter house after being at one of the fraternities. 

Outcome: The chapter is to submit a report to OFSA describing the meeting(s) with the National representative regarding the new member program by the end of the semester. The chapter is to submit the revised New Membership Program (given to them by Nationals) to OFSA by the end of the spring semester. The chapter will meet monthly with an OFSA staff member beginning next fall and terminating on spring initiation to make sure they can and do implement the revised new member program presented by the National representative. The National representative must meet with a member of the OFSA staff. The chapter was placed on social probation for the remainder of the Spring semester. The chapter is allowed to petition for one event. 

Lambda Chi Alpha, Interfraternity Council chapter

Description: February 10, 2006 at 1:06am, four individuals were seen holding up another individual. The individual’s pants were wet and he appeared highly intoxicated. When stopped, the individual was found to have his hands and feet taped with clear tape that was approximately 3 inches wide. When questioned, one of the subjects stated that they were all part of Lambda Chi Alpha. The four individuals were pledging and stated that they had to kidnap the brother and take him back to the house as one of their activities. All subjects were cooperative and released. 

Outcome: The chapter was given an educational sanction. The chapter leaders and new members are expected to have a presentation by a member of OFSA regarding hazing and high-risk activities. The presentation will be approximately 60 minutes.

Lambda Phi Epsilon, Multicultural Greek Letter Council chapter


INCIDENT #1: The OFSA received a report on 4/5/06 that at 313 hours, three males dressed in camoflauged BDU’s black sweatshirts, and combat boots were observed walking east on Campus Road near the entrance to Schoellkopf stadium. Two of the male subjects were supporting the third who appeared to be having difficulty walking. The subjects told police that they were just out getting some exercise. They reported that they were not pledging or members of a fraternity and that they were getting in shape for China Night activities. None of the subjects had any form of ID on them.


At this time a subject not dressed in the same fashion approached the area. This subject also did not have ID but identified himself and told police that the subjects are pledges at Lambda Phi Epsilon, 306 Eddy St. and that he was a member at the house. He told the officer that the pledges were participating in a bonding activity by running. The officer asked to gather the rest of the group so that all could be identified. The other pledges were on Schoellkopf field and he brought them out of the stadium. He told police that they were planning on running on the track for 30-40 minutes. The officer identified the seven pledges. One of the pledges told police that they perform group physical activity a couple times a week in a similar manner. It should be noted that this activity was being performed at or about 3:00 am and the outside weather was approximately 35 degrees and raining. The pledges were all wearing BDU’s, combat boots, and sweatshirts. The fraternity was referred to the OFSA for hazing. The officer told him that this activity at the time of night and given weather and clothing conditions constituted forced physical activity of pledges and was considered hazing. The officer told them to terminate these activities until the OFSA ruled on them, to have pledges carry ID on them, and to instruct pledges not to hide their fraternity affiliations and construct false stories when approached by police. The group was told to go back to their residences and to end any planned activities for the evening.

INCIDENT #2: On Wednesday, March 29, 2006, Cornell Army ROTC was conducting its physical training in Barton Hall at approximately 0625. A group of young Asian men already in Barton Hall were conducting physical training. All the men had shaved heads, there were no other discernable features in either their looks or clothing. All of the men were running around the track conducting "Indian runs"; they ran in a single line and the last person in the line would sprint to the front. A large man in the group and only this man had the added weight of a book bag on his shoulders. He was sweating profusely. The group ended the run and began to run wind sprints; dashing across a short fixed distance on the floor. Again, the same obese man ran with a bag on his back. The group left Barton Hall prior to 0730.

INCIDENT #3: The OFSA received a report regarding a resident of Court-Bauer who was transported to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning. It appears as if it may be related to a pledge event of a Multi-cultural Greek Letter Organization. RA received a phone call regarding a very sick resident due to alcohol in the Susan Murphy Lobby. When he arrived on the scene, he found that a resident was really sick, slipping in and out of consciousness and not responding to questions. His fraternity "big brother" was with him. RA telephoned CUP and emergency medical teams were sent. The medical person pinched his neck and the resident did not respond until several seconds later when no one was touching him by flinching and saying 'ow'. Upon evaluation, the resident was taken away in the ambulance.

The student who called for help wasn't the resident's "big brother." In fact, a resident who just happened to be in the lobby decided the resident needed medical attention and called the RA on-call phone. It appeared the resident's "big brother" from the fraternity intended only to take him back to his room and was not going to call for help.


  • Probationary Recognition Status. The chapter will be on Probationary Recognition status until May 2008. Per the Fraternity and Sorority Recognition Policy, Probationary Recognition “may include, in the discretion of the President or his designee, the temporary withdrawal of any or all of the benefits of Full Recognition or the application of such other specific sanctions or limitations as may be deemed appropriate”. Any additional violations of policy during this period may extend the Probationary Recognition status or jeopardize the chapter’s Full Recognition on campus. 
  • Social Probation. The chapter is placed on social probation for the 2006-2007 academic year. Under these restrictions the chapter may not host social events with alcohol. Social events without alcohol are encouraged but must be petitioned for and approved by the MGLC VP Judicial Chair and her/his board.
  • Recruitment Activities. The chapter is prohibited to conduct any form of rush or membership intake activity for the duration of the 2006-2007 academic year. This includes recruitment events, interest sessions, and membership education.
  • August Chapter Meeting. The chapter will conduct a chapter meeting in August in which a member of the OFSA staff will present, along side of the chapter president, the outcomes of the review board meeting, its deliberations, and final sanctions (to be held no later than August 31, 2006).
  • Greek Judicial Board Sanctions. It is expected that the chapter complete all sanctions outlined by the Greek Judicial Board (no later than October 31, 2006).
  • Compliance Program. The chapter will participate in the university compliance program as a result of hazing activity (to be completed no later than October 31, 2006).
  • New Member Education Program. The chapter must conduct an audit of its new member program. As a result of this audit, the chapter will submit an improved anti-hazing program to OFSA for review and approval (to be completed no later than December 8, 2006).
  • Strategic Planning. The chapter will take part in a strategic planning process. As a part of this, the chapter will analyze its strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. As a result of this discussion, the chapter will create a strategic plan that will outline its mission, vision, values, and strategic goals for the next three to five years. It is strongly encouraged that an outside consultant facilitates this experience for the chapter (to be completed no later than December 8, 2006).
  • Alcohol Education. Each chapter member will complete “Under the Influence," an alcohol education program available through Gannett Health Services (to be completed by December 8, 2006).
  • President’s Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs. The chapter will provide members to serve on the Greek Alcohol and Other Drugs subcommittee of the President’s Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs. These members will participate for the academic year and provide presentations to the chapter on the activity of the committee (on going).
  • Ongoing Meetings. During the 2006-2007 academic year, the chapter president will meet monthly with the MGLC advisor. At these meetings, the chapter’s progress towards the completion of the outcomes outlined in this letter as well as the strategic goals developed by the chapter will be discussed (on going).
  • Follow-Up Meeting. The Greek Review Board will hold a follow up meeting with the leadership of Lambda Phi Epsilon no later than April 28, 2007 to review the chapter's progress over the course of the academic year. Upon successful completion of these conditions, the board will look into reinstating social and membership recruitment privileges for the next academic year. At this time, it is the decision of the board that the chapter remains on Probationary Recognition Status until the successful completion of an intake process that is hazing and alcohol free. 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Interfraternity Council chapter


New Member Activities: The OFSA received information from a credible source that new members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were on curfew every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings starting at 11:00 PM. The instructions were that pledges were to be in their rooms at this time to be available to go to the chapter house for line-ups, calisthenics, and other duties. It had been reported that pledges have done push-ups and that at least one person became exhausted as a result of physical fatigue. The New Members of SAE were also participating in “POW Week” which meant that they could not leave the fraternity house unless they had class. Additionally they were restricted to use the showers between the hours of 3 AM and 6 AM. Finally, as a part of the new member program, pledges were required to provide evening entertainment at dinner. On one occasion, pledges took part in milk chugging game in which they were to drink a glass of milk every minute until someone vomited. 

Signature Book: An SAE “signature book” was found on campus and turned into the OFSA. Pages of the book had the names and addresses of active members written on it as well as a number of specific duties/jobs required of the new member. Several examples include cleaning vomit out of a car, purchasing illegal drugs, preparing for evening entertainment, and performing sexual acts. There was no evidence to suggest that new members were ever required to, or did, perform these acts. 

Academic Conflicts: The OFSA received an email from a student’s advisor. The student had stated to the advisor that he wished to drop two required classes. When the advisor inquired about the request, he stated that fraternity obligations were leaving him too tired for an 8:40am class and that he wanted a couple of days during the week to catch up on needed sleep. The advisor did not have any details on what these fraternity obligations were, but informed the student that fraternity participation is secondary to academic performance and meeting academic requirements. 


  • The national organization and the alumni corporation board held a summit with the undergraduate chapter to discuss the status of the chapter. At this summit, it was decided that the chapter go through a membership review/recommitment where membership expectations of behavior were clearly outlined and agreed upon.
  • The chapter was placed on Social Probation for the duration of the Spring 2006 semester. During this time, social events without alcohol are encouraged but must be approved by the Greek Judicial Board.
  • The chapter was to revisit the chapter’s constitution and bylaws and redefine the expectations of membership. This is to be presented to the national organization and alumni corporation for approval no later than April 14, 2006.
  • The chapter was required to reactivate the internal judicial board and hold all members accountable to behavior that goes against their expectations of membership.
  • The chapter was required to reorganize its new member program. Upon approval by the OFSA, this new member program could be implemented and new member activities could resume. As a part of the new member program, the chapter was expected to meet weekly with a representative from the OFSA. At these meetings, events for the upcoming week would be reviewed and approved.
  • The national organization was required to maintain consistent contact with the chapter and schedule regular campus visits for the duration of the Spring 2006 semester.
  • The chapter was required to complete the Hazing Compliance Program no later than May 5, 2006.
  • The chapter complied with all of the sanctions imposed by the Review Board. 
Sigma Pi, Interfraternity Council chapter

Description: On February 23, 2006 at 7:33pm, a subject was chased around by about seven other individuals in front of the townhouses. The subject was being dragged out of townhouse and picked up off the ground. The individuals were being loud and disruptive. The other individuals were carrying the subject, who was kicking and trying to break free, out of the courtyard by each of his limbs. The group was confronted and instructed to release subject. They reported to the staff member that they were the subject’s friends from another dorm, playing a game of tag. The subject later confessed that the individuals were members of his fraternity. The other students were not identified but seemed to be much older than the subject. The subject is a new member of Sigma Pi Fraternity. 

Outcome: The chapter is to meet with an Assistant Dean to discuss better ways to conduct interviews. After meeting, the chapter will redraft and submit a new interview process to OFSA. The new process must be presented to the whole chapter by April 9, 2006. The presentation should also cover the issues of safety and perception. The chapter must perform community service. New members will be required to complete 50 hours of service and brothers (who were brothers before this semester’s initiation) will be required to complete 100 hours of service. All community service is to be completed by the end of the semester. The chapter is warned that sanctions will be harsher if another hazing complaint comes to the judicial board. The chapter is also told to cooperate with and be sure to clarify issues to people of authority.

Tau Kappa Epsilon Interfraternity Council chapter

Description: On March 26, 2006, OFSA received a report from a Residential Programs staff member regarding an incident that occurred in early March. A resident who was pledging TKE reported he and the other eight new members were taken to a barn and left there for the weekend. They had their cell phones taken away and were given inadequate heat and food as they were accomplish different tasks, such as completing a 1000 piece puzzle and finding a needle in a haystack. 


  • The chapter will be placed on Probationary Recognition until December 31, 2007.
  • The chapter will work with Tau Kappa Epsilon International Headquarters Staff and the OFSA to develop a non-hazing, sustainable, new member education process prior to the start of new member education process in the spring 2007 semester.
  • Develop a plan to ensure that the appropriate members of the chapter attend the required community training events and other programs and meetings as specified by the IFC or the OFSA.
  • The chapter will work with Tau Kappa Epsilon International Headquarters Staff to educate Chapter Advisors and other alumni regarding hazing policies, any changes in the new member education program, and appropriate alumni involvement.
  • The chapter must comply with all corrective measures as assigned by Tau Kappa Epsilon International Headquarters, as detailed in the attached letter dated December 18, 2006.
  • The Board further recommends that the chapter continue to be a part of the Creating Chapters of Excellence Initiative.
  • Per the sunshine policy and administrative protocol as it relates to hazing, these findings will be posted on the hazing.cornell.edu website.
Zeta Beta Tau, Interfraternity Council chapter

Description: On February15, 2006 at 11:12pm, 3 individuals were led out of townhouse CO3 blindfolded. The three individuals were placed in a Jeep Grand Cherokee and left the area. The individuals had been drinking. The driver was recognized as a member of ZBT. The Jeep Grand Cherokee pulled into the parking lot at ZBT (1 Edgecliff). The driver and president were asked where the three individuals who were transported by the driver were. The driver said the three subjects were in the house. The driver was told to go inside and get the individuals. The president stated that he did not know what was going on. The driver brought the three individuals outside. One had something in his hair and his face looked red in some spots and tan in others and his forehead looked like he had been scrubbing really hard to get something off. He also had an area on his neck that was white like powder. The individual said that he and the two others were playing a kissing game with some girls. They were using different things such as maple syrup and whipped cream. The other two individuals had nothing on them.

Outcome: The chapter must send written documentation explaining the internal sanction given to its members and verification of its completion to the OFSA. The chapter is given a warning. They need to realize that the chapter is accountable for its membership and need to consider the perceptions of the outside community. Further, if there is a pattern of hazing allegations, this hearing will be taken into consideration.