2014-15 Academic Year

Below are the reports of Cornell hazing violations that occurred during the indicated academic year. To read the details, simply click on the name of the group, team, or organization below and open the corresponding report.

Fall 2014

No groups, teams, or organizations were found in violation during this semester. 

Spring 2015

Sigma Pi Fraternity Interfraternity Council chapter


On Feb. 17, 2015, Sigma Pi members told stories to the new members of detailed hazing that had occurred in the past and the new members believed this could happen to them which caused significant anxiety and distress to the new members, and is thus, a large source of intimidation. The chapter is responsible for the actions of brothers and what they do and say to new members.


The Greek Judicial Board found the chapter responsible for Level 1 hazing. As a result, the chapter received an official warning that any future hazing violations would result in more serious outcomes; the chapter was required to create a new member plan that is safe, effective, and achievable; additionally, the chapter was to create and execute a policy on educating the general brotherhood on the new member education plan, as well as what constitutes hazing. The Board also officially endorses the education programs proposed by the chapter during the hearing, including the training by Sigma Pi Fraternity International's Executive Director.