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Spring 2008

Kappa Phi Lambda Multicultural Greek Letter Council chapter 

Description: In the spring 2008 semester the chapter conducted new member education activities that included forced calisthenics and other activities that took large amounts of time and interfered with the aspiring members academic pursuits.  

Outcome: The Greek Judicial Board found the chapter responsible for violating the campus anti-hazing policy, and the fraternity and sorority community expectations for membership, and were sanctioned by the with the following:  

  • The chapter is placed on Disciplinary Probation through the completion of two intake processes or until Fall 2010, whichever comes first.
  • The chapter shall work with the OFSA to develop a presentation for the MGLC community about hazing. (This has been completed.)
  • The chapter shall work to revise its information sessions so that potential members are aware of the time commitment before choosing to join. (This has been completed.)
  • The chapter shall work with Jarrod Cruz, Assistant Dean of Students in OFSA to review its intake calendar. (This has been completed.)

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