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Fall 2006

Kappa Sigma Interfraternity Council chapter 

Description: The OFSA received information that led them to discover new members of Kappa Sigma fraternity, located at 600 University Ave., being hazed. The new member class was living in the basement, deprived of adequate sleep, and subject to compulsory calisthenics. 


  • The chapter will be place on Probationary Recognition immediately, to conclude 12/31/07.
  • The chapter must revamp their new member education process, and have it approved by the OFSA and the Kappa Sigma National Headquarters staff by 2/16/07.
  • Kappa Sigma must pay a $300 fine as penalty for exceeding the pledging deadline. That is payable to the Cornell Greek Community and must be delivered to the OFSA by 2/16/07.
  • This incident will be posted to the Cornell Hazing web page hazing blotter and in accordance to policy, it will remain there for two years.

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