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Fall 2004

Alpha Tau Omega, Interfraternity Council chapter 

Description: At the end of a gathering described by a prospective member as a "recruiting event" that included drinking games, ATO brothers blocked the door and escorted the students to the basement of the chapter house. The brothers instructed the students to remove their wallets and shirts. The brothers repeatedly said, "You don't want to leave yet!" and proceeded to play a drinking game called a "So Co Rally" in which 400 shots of Southern Comfort whiskey were divided among the brothers and students in less than an hour. The prospective member consumed 15 shots in less than an hour and vomited. The brothers sprayed the students with beer and yelled at them.  

Outcome: ATO was found by a university Review Board to be responsible for hosting an event that promoted dangerously high consumption of alcoholic beverages and that threatened the health and safety of the participants. The chapter will be on Probationary Recognition status until May 2006. The Board also required completion of educational requirements, development of a plan to avoid future incidents, and restrictions on alcohol in common areas for four months. The Board also supported an alumni decision to conduct a full membership review.

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