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Campus Leadership

Cornell University recognizes hazing as a serious campus and public health issue. Hazing encompasses a range of practices that pose risks to the physical safety and mental health and well-being of individuals joining or continuing membership in various clubs, organizations, teams, and other groups. The impact of hazing on individuals can be severe, long-lasting, and even fatal. It can result in negative consequences for those who haze, the groups they are involved in, and the wider institution. Hazing is an abuse of power and is antithetical to the values and learning mission of the university. 

The Coalition on Health and Well-being is provides a forum for leadership on the promotion of mental health, and the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse and hazing. The Coalition is composed of students, staff, faculty member and alumni, and explores the intersection of priority areas and best practices for addressing them. 

Contact Information

Inquiries regarding the Coalition should be directed to:
Laura Santacrose
Health Initiatives Coordinator
Phone: 607 255-4782

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